Current Issues


Amna Abdullah, Asma Ismael, Aisha Rashid, Ali Abou-ElNour, and Mohammed Tarique

Department of Electrical Engineering, Ajman University of Science and Technology,

P.O. Box 2202, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
In the last decade the healthcare monitoring systems have drawn considerable attentions of the
researchers. The prime goal was to develop a reliable patient monitoring system so that the healthcare professionals can monitor their patients, who are either hospitalized or executing their normal daily life activities. In this work we present a mobile device based wireless healthcare monitoring system that can provide real time online information about physiological conditions of a patient. Our proposed system is designed to measure and monitor important physiological data of a patient in order to accurately describe the status of her/his health and fitness. In addition the proposed system is able to send alarming message about the patient’s critical health data by text messages or by email reports. By using the information contained in the text or e-mail message the healthcare professional can provide necessary medical advising. The system mainly consists of sensors, the data acquisition unit, microcontroller (i.e., Arduino), and software (i.e., LabVIEW). The patient’s temperature, heart beat rate, muscles, blood pressure, blood glucose level, and ECG data are monitored, displayed, and stored by our system. To ensure reliability and accuracy the proposed system has been field tested. The test results show that our system is able to measurethe patient’s physiological data with a very high accuracy.


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